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EKOLIST – liquid foliar fertilizers

A renowned brand of high-quality foliar applied macro- and micronutrients for field, orchard and horticultural crops.

EKOLIST contains fully available micronutrients with CHELACID – a specially designed chelating complex.

CHELACID is a complex of microelements chelated with EDTA and organic acids. It ensures fast and safe micronutrient absorption into leaf cells, making foliar fertilization the best and fastest way to replenish micronutrients.
It strengthens the plant’s resistance to diseases, pests and physiological stress, and facilitates the combined use of fertilizers with multiple protection measures.

To meet the expectations of our Customers, some EKOLIST fertilizers have been enriched with ComplexActive. This is a complex of three substances that protect plants from high temperatures and dehydration and promote their faster regeneration.

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