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MAXIMUS – water soluble fertilizers

The basic MAXIMUS Platinum fertilizer series is recognized and appreciated by farmers, where some of the microelements (Fe, Mn and Zn) are complexed with lignosulfonates.
Thanks to this solution, there is an increase in nutrient sorption, an increase in the resistance of plants to mechanical damage and crop damage caused by certain plant pathogens. MAXIMUS Platinum fertilizers have been enriched with MPC2 (Micro Protection Complex), which stimulates proper growth and better utilization of soil nutrients, and prevents nutrient deficiencies.

How do they work?

  • lignosulfonates assist in the transport of water and mineral salts contained therein;
  • they are binders – they are responsible for the compactness of the cell structure, thereby giving the tissues compressive strength and maintaining their rigidity;
  • they take part in the process of respiration and photosynthesis;
  • they increase nutrient sorption;
  • they stimulate vegetative growth, reproduction and fruiting, promote rooting of plants;
  • they help stabilize emulsions so they act as surfactants;
  • many scientific studies have shown that lignosulfonates exhibit fungistatic activity and reduce plant infection by
    some diseases;
  • they provide anti-transpirant functions – reduce the risk of plant burns;
  • they do not cause phytotoxic effects even when used at low temperatures;
  • they produce an outer protective layer on the leaves and stems of the plant, which makes it difficult for harmful
    substances and pathogens to penetrate into their interior;
  • micronutrients complexed by lignosulfonates are characterized by high penetration by the cuticle.

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