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MAXIMUS AMINO MICRO – water soluble fertilizers

Advantage of MAXIMUS Amino Micro fertilizers is the increase in efficiency and the rate of microelement uptake compared to microelements used in the form of synthetic salts or chelates. This is due to the faster retrieval of amino acid links of the micronutrients by leaves and fruits and greater mobility of these connections in the plant. Remember that the ions in fertilizers are complexed with amino acids – the complex has no electrical charge. The use of aminoacids in fertilizers improves the condition of plants and their resistance to abiotic stresses, and stimulates them to grow and develop. The presence of glycine in the fertilizer contributes to the increase in chlorophyll concentration in plants, which leads to increased photosynthesis efficiency. Scientific studies show that the use of glycine complexes increases the total weight of leaves, stems and roots.

MAXIMUS Amino Micro – fertilizing without compromise

  • Uncompromising microelements supply for plants,
  • Uncompromisingly quick action of microelements,
  • Uncompromising rate of microelements transportation in plants,
  • Uncompromising elimination of even the hidden nutrient deficiencies,
  • Uncompromising fertilizer contents, adjusted to the needs of specific crops,
  • Uncompromising use of the positive effect of microelements complexed with glycine on plant metabolism,
  • Uncompromising use of biostimulating properties of MPC2,
  • Uncompromising stimulation of growth and development of crops, particularly in periods of biotic and abiotic stress,
  • Uncompromising and measurable benefits from the yields and quality of yields.

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