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NITROSPEED 39 liquid foliar fertilizers

NITROSPEED 39 is nitrogen-magnesium concentrate enriched with the SPEED formula: improves metabolism and nitrogen use, as well as increases plant resistance to abiotic stress.

Moreover, due to the SPEED formula:

  • Plants absorb the nitrogen used in foliar fertilization quicker,
  • Plants are provided with quicker and more effective ways to implement the nitrogen used in fertilization in their organisms,
  • Plants are less susceptible to stress resulting from using urea in foliar fertilization,
  • Plants make better use of nitrogen soil fertilization (particularly nitrogen used in saltpeter form).

Due to a large amount of titanium, the SPEED formula provides strong anti-stress effect, and stimulates physiological
processes in plants. Molybdenum accelerates the transformation of nitrate nitrogen. Nickel accelerates the transformation of amide (urea) nitrogen.

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